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Why Morgan’s Fancies?

Morgan is my online persona. Morgan is short for Morganlefaegaia a username that combines two goddesses. Those are Morgan Le Fae of Arthurian lore and Gaia from Greek Mythology. These two represent two areas of deep interest. Celtic Cultures and environmentalism.

Morgan is the kind, endlessly curious, positive, and wildly authentic side of my personality. It is the vehicle that my creativity is expressed through. Morgan’s Fancies Studios is where I share my artistic offerings with the world. From colouring books to original art to poetry all are shared through this brand.

Morgan is just as much a part of my identity as my given name Kathleen is. It is through this alter ego that I have and continue to explore the world around me and seek out topics numerous and varied as I have an unquenchable thirst for learning and in turn questioning things.

Questioning not in a negative or accusatory manner but questioning out of the sheer joy, excitement and curiosity to see where the journey will lead me to next. What adventures will

unfold if I ask questions?

Two things I have learned about myself over the years:

1. I question EVERYTHING naturally. I find myself always asking why?

2. I love helping others just to help people. It makes me ridiculously happy!

I love to question and learn as well as uplift others and lead by example empowering people to live their best most authentic lives.

Morgan’s Fancies represents my notions, ideas, passions, and dreams now and in the future.

Let’s travel together on this magical journey called life!

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