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Taking a Leap of Faith, Leaning Into Fear.

Image describing anxiety

Image describing anxiety

Fear for me has been a great teacher throughout my life’s journey.



That emotion brings stomach butterflies and uneasiness at the mere mention of the word.

Fear can be a great motivator to better our lives or it can demoralize and keep us stuck in harmful patterns of behaviour.

We all experience fear in unique and varied ways.


At this point in time the mantra of “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” seems trivial, trite, and cheesy but for myself and my unique life’s journey, it is a core truth.

All my life I have lived with fear and anxiety & my unconscious reaction to these intense emotions have been at times extremely debilitating to the point that I end up self-sabotaging any positive efforts I made to improve anything in my life.  This has held me back from following through with actions necessary to bring my soul’s dreams, goals, wishes or missions to fruition.

I have dreams that no longer are willing to be pushed aside, hidden in the background or half-heartedly pursued.  This increased drive to see those dreams fulfilled has led me to take more and more chances, challenging my status quo and in the process, a great deal of fear and anxiety has been stirred up.

In the past, I would have just avoided the possibility of failing completely.  Avoiding being seen, melting into the background as to draw no notice to myself.  This I have come to learn was a coping mechanism for fear.

Now at this time in my life, things are different.  I have for the last few years been doing a lot of intense shadow work.  I am slowly learning to relax and not fight fear and anxiety for it’s a losing battle but to truly embrace these difficult emotions fully and then let them go, letting them pass through and out of my system.  In this way fear when viewed through this lens has been a great teacher of life’s lessons and the truth is that fear has been a teacher all along.

We all experience fear in unique and varied ways.  I have found in my shadow work that it is how we CHOOSE to react to this fear is what ultimately impacts the outcome of things.


This year has reinforced this observation.  Taking big scary risks seems to be the theme for this year.  It is time to challenge myself and grow beyond my “comfort” zone.  Here are some examples of risks that have triggered a large amount of fear and anxiety:


  • Registering Morgan’s Fancies Studios as a business
  • Hiring a professional marketing company to aid me to build the Morgan’s Fancies Studios brand and market my colouring books for sale.
  • Putting myself out into the world, letting myself be seen instead of fading into the background and isolating myself.


More tangible actions to come this year as I step further into who I truly am because that is what this journey is all about: uncovering who I authentically am as a person and what are my core values in life.


This is what I have learned so far:

I Value:

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Support
  • Kindness

So yes, fear is ever present but then so is hope.

Speaking of hope.  I am a great believer in synchronicity.  I have always had what I needed to hear, see, do etc. come into my awareness when I needed to hear a lesson the Universe has been trying to teach me.  These messages can come in the form of memes, Facebook posts, blogs, vlogs or in this case a song.

A song that persisted to be in my periphery until I paid attention to it and gave it a listen.  That song is “Hi Ren” by the artist Ren.  This song elicited a visceral physical response when I heard it and to be truthful still does.  I connected with the song on such a deep level and the last line of the monologue Ren gave at the end has stayed with me almost as a mantra for this year:

I Must Not Forget, We Must Not Forget That We Are Human Beings.

I wish you all much love and joy on your journey as you feel your fears fully and do great things anyway!


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