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I Refuse to Compete!

Ponderings on support vs competition and comparison

A concept that has been preying more and more on my mind as of late is why do we always a society promote and demand competition between individuals rather than actively emphasizing acts of kindness and support of each other.

I personally would much rather support and uplift others and receive the same in turn rather than succumbing to the pressure to be in constant competition with every other individual and pursue a non-existent and unattainable ideal of perfection that society imposes on us.

In my experience, this kind of comparison and competition is toxic for one’s mental health and ultimately hinders any attempts at peace and happiness vital to self-care. It takes a very toxic toll on your self-worth if you fail to attain the societal ideal. Competition leads you to continually compare yourself to others and by its very nature results are always harmful no matter who is considered the more “successful” than the other.

There is a reason for the wise old saying: “Comparison is the thief of joy!”

Competition fosters guilt in one party and shame in the other. The “winner” feels guilty because they dare to shine and the “loser” is shamed for their perceived failure. Both are victims of a no-win situation designed to keep people apart, perpetuate fear and create an illusion of lack.

This “lack” or the fear of missing out is a lie. There is no limit on resources rather that in today’s society we are conditioned to not question things to come up with new sources of resources. Long story short society would much rather us stick to what is familiar than actually think for ourselves and create something new.

I refuse to feed into this falsehood not only for myself but for future generations to come. To quote one of my favourite television shows of all time Firefly: “I aim to misbehave!” I refuse to compete with other artists! Rather I will strive to be the best version of myself, I will strive to excel and seek out opportunities to support and uplift others on their own journeys be it creative or otherwise.

I am seriously passionate about uplifting and supporting other people, particularly other artists!

Art for me is just as much about creativity as it is about spirituality. Art is both external as in a physical piece of art and internal the actual spiritual process used to create the piece of art. The only one I am ever willing to “compete” with or “compare” myself to is myself. I am striving to be the best artist I can be at this moment. Comparing my art to those pieces I have created in the past I feel is the only healthy form of competition there is. This kind of comparison helps you to learn from your mistakes and find your own style and voice as an artist.

I truly believe instead of comparing yourself and your work to that of others let their work inspire you, spark your own unique magic, foster your creativity and enthusiastically embrace your inner artist.

I can not find the appropriate words to adequately describe the peace and joy that I find comes from actively supporting and in turn inspiring not only others but yourself!

I certainly hope I am not alone in this thought process! In the comments below, let me know your thoughts and ideas on this topic. Do you agree whole or in part with what I have presented or do you disagree? Let’s have a good positive and constructive conversation around this and in turn create and foster a creative community that supports and uplifts one another.

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