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Calling All Creatives! Artists Supporting Artists!

I am passionate about creativity of all kinds, community building through the positive support of fellow artists and promoting love and joy whenever and wherever possible.

It is my dream not only to continue to produce quality colouring books and art but also to foster and nurture a vibrant and diverse community of creatives, artists, and colouring book enthusiasts of all kinds.

I have a vision or dare I say it a dream for an artistic safe haven where creativity-driven people can learn and grow with each other with no pressure but to progress along their creative journey at their own personal pace.

A haven where love and kindness are not an afterthought but woven into the community’s DNA. I for one seek to continually spread joy around like faery dust! It genuinely makes me happy to authentically help others and brighten their day.

So, I have set out to germinate this dream by building a community from the ground up in the form of a Facebook group: Love, Light And Coloring Book Enthusiasts.

This is my open invitation to all creatives, artists and colouring book enthusiasts of all kinds who feel a longing to connect with others, who not only are open to expressing themselves publicly through their colouring endeavours but also feel the pull to give and just as important receive support that is so needed at this time given the current state of the world today.

In fact, I encourage you to invite anyone you may know who would benefit from a supportive joyful community of creatives such as this.

Let’s learn and grow together as a community. Your voice is needed and appreciated! For more information, please reach out through morgansfancies@gmail.com

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