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Art Work Vs Art Play

Ponderings from an ever-curious creative mind.

Something that has been bubbling up in the back of my mind lately and has increasingly been vying for my attention:

Art Work + Art Play = Art Magic!

It is important, vital even for creatives to have both their art work and their art play.

What is the difference? You may ask.


These are projects in your body of work where the techniques, materials, subjects etc. are already confidently mastered. You have practiced this creation process so much that you consistently produce reliable results. In other words, your very best works of art that you are proud of not only to share with the world but cheerfully earn a comfortable living from their sales.


These are projects that are usually more experimental and more times than not created in a sketchbook. Art playtime is where you try out new ideas, experiment with new techniques and practice those areas where you feel less con in. It is where you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Where you warm up for the day, try using supplies in ways you have yet to experiment with etc.

Both Art Work and Art play are vital for any artist to grow and thrive on their creative journey. But how often do we neglect our art play time in favour of being more “productive” with our art practice? I know I for one have had that thought process on more than one occasion.

This year I am making a concerted effort to find the balance between both Art Work and Art Play. I truly believe that the alchemic mix of both is where the magic of art is manifested.

Art Work + Art Play = Art Magic. Let’s Make Art Magic Together!

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